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About Magnolia Hill Kennels
South-Central Virginia’s preeminent dog-breeders, Jim and Susan Colacino, offer dog-lovers a variety of compelling reasons for choosing their kennels as the place to welcome that special four-legged, furry little friend into their homes and into their hearts. First, since retirement in 1998, Jim as a naval computer and electronics expert, Susan, as a computer logistics consultant— they have faithfully bred dogs according to AKC standards, not as a moneymaking (“puppymill”) proposition, but as a labor of love, an avocation gratefully realized in the second part of life.
Second, so sure are they of their breeding techniques that they offer a two year no-questions-asked guarantee on the health of each dog leaving their kennels. Thirdly, they take each expectant mother into their home and allow the mother to give birth to the pups inside their residence. That way Jim and Susan can socialize the pups even before they go home with their new owners. And if you have ever seen a puppy or kitten that has had no socialization, then you can appreciate this important Colacino difference. Fourthly, Jim and Susan provide you not only with pictures from birth of the perspective pups but also, if you desire, with videos of the same. Thus a perspective owner living at a distance has an easier time deciding which pup to choose, or having decided, he or she can keep closer watch over the prized companion until the happy day of union.

Jim & Susan Colacino
Finally, as an owner of four Colacino dogs, I cannot leave you in good conscience, my dear reader and fellow dog-lover, without a few heart-felt if but ineloquent words of testimonial concerning my own personal experience of Jim and Susan and the Colacino Kennels. Two observations: First, let’s face it. Dealing with certain people, like chalk screeching on a blackboard, remains quite unpleasant and who in their right mind would want to spoil the fun of picking out a new pup by dealing with people like that? Well, let me reassure you, as someone who has not only done business with Jim and Susan over the years but also grown to love them personally that they are responsive, caring people who make the fun of picking out a pup even that much more fun. Secondly, My Colacino pups continue unto this day as happy, healthy family members. Though sometimes at night, when the cold wind blows, you can hear growls and detect bad temper all around as everyone—my wife, myself, and half the dogs in the Colacino Kennels—jockey and compete for a limited amount of space and covers on the bed!

"Testimonial by Dr. E. Sloan Humphreys "